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What is AGI & ANI?

Artificial intelligence is one of the most trending topics in the
technology field right now, let's see first what is artificial
intelligence in simple terms. AI is a branch of computer science
that refers to programming machines to think like humans so they
can perform a certain task or a machine that can learn or make
decisions on its own.

Then what is ANI & AGI?

There are three main types of AI :

1.Artificial Narrow Intelligence( ANI )

2.Artificial General Intelligence( AGI )

3.Artificilal Super Intelligence ( ASI )

So here we are only going to talk about important ones' ANI and
AGI, because ASI is a big topic and most of the part of it is
unexplored yet, maybe we will talk about it later.

Artificial Narrow Intelligence ( ANI )
Artificial Narrow Intelligence is the most important and
successful type of Artificial intelligence, it is an Intelligence which
prominent in performing a single task in which AI outperforms
humans in some very narrow tasks. And maybe it doesn’t sound
cool to many people but you’ll like it when you get to know more,
Because we are using it right now in our day to day life and many
companies are investing in and implementing ANI to improve
efficiency, cut costs and automate tasks. Most ANI tasks are
obtained by machine learning algorithms.

Let’s see the examples of ANI :
Self-Driving Cars
Facial Recognition Tools
Virtual Assistants
Recommendation Systems
Spam Filters
Speech Recognition

Artificial General Intelligence ( AGI )
AGI as the name suggests is General intelligence or human-like
intelligence as you have already seen JARVIS in “Iron Man”, it's
the future of AI. It allows the machine to apply skills and
knowledge in different contexts. It can do many tasks and unlike
ANI, AGI can learn and improve.
There is much research going on to obtain AGI and some of the
AI experts are also said that maybe it cannot be achieved in the
next 50 years because human consciousness is one of the miracles
of nature, but some of the experts think it would happen before

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