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Emanuele Pavanello
Emanuele Pavanello

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Imba - Another reactive technology for the web

Hi there,
Have you ever heard of Imba?
Imba is "another" tecnology for writing reactive components for the web, this time with a new python like language.

Here the official page

Let me know in the comments what you think!

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Vitaly Rtishchev

I've already seen it a couple of years ago.

The thing with all these "new languages" and technologies is that they will never get big enough adoption to become something usable. In other words technology needs users to progress. But it will not get people until it is properly marketed. And I guess imba, elm and other small projects will never afford to spend a year budget of small country for promoting.

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Juan Carlos

Nim has Python syntax that you can import, runs on browser, nodejs, webgl and webassembly, you can make reactive spa with Nim.
I use it for Python too, as a replacement for Cython.