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Tony Nguyen for Epicosity

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I’m Tony

Who am I

I’m a front-end developer and have been programming for a few years but I have been programming in web for just about 1.5 years now.

I live in Sioux Falls, SD with my wife Katey, and 3 pets Marley (dog), Harlow and Diana (cats).

I work for Epicosity, an award winning agency based in downtown Sioux Falls. At work I mostly write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and am working toward becoming a better at leveraging everything that the Hubspot, CraftCMS, and Expression Engine platforms have to offer.

Outside of work I am currently dabbling in React, learning more advanced JavaScript, NodeJS, and writing better CSS/SASS.

Why I started

I attended the University of South Dakota for a few years before dropping out briefly. I worked full time for a year before returning and changing my major to computer science. The computer science major was pretty difficult at times but I stuck with it and eventually graduated in 2018.

Funnily enough, while in school I told myself and everyone around me that I would never become a front-end developer. I hated working with HTML, CSS and anything having to do with the web. My goal was to graduate and move into a software or back-end type of job. A year after graduating and now I’m in love with the technologies that are used to build the web.

Goals for 2019

  • Being more organized, planning more before doing
  • Writing at least one blog post a month
  • Coding an hour a day outside of work
  • Learning as much as I can
  • Deploying a Gatsby side to display side projects and blog posts.
  • Deploying a React app.

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