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Bin2Dec converter

Today I present my simple project called Bin2Dec. The idea came from Florin Pop app ideas repository, which can be found there florinpop17/app-ideas.

How it works you can see in the animation below. Check the live version too on

bin2dec converter landing page animation

I implemented it with the Create React App boilerplate. The full source code can be found on my repository epranka/bin2dec.

The following function converts the binary string to a decimal number.

  const calculateDecimal = binaryString => {
    let decimalResult = 0;
    for (
      let i = 0, j = binaryString.length - 1;
      i < binaryString.length;
      i++, j--
    ) {
      const digit = parseInt(binaryString[i]);
      decimalResult += digit * Math.pow(2, j);
    return decimalResult;
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Maybe you have the ideas on how to improve it?


I created the inverted version of this converter too. It converts the decimal to binary. Check the source code on epranka/dec2bin and live version

Thanks for reading this. I hope it was interesting to you. Feedback and questions are appreciated.

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Reverse the string, so we can start converting bits one by one.
Use Array.reduce to keep track of the sum and each iteration add (current bit * 2index).

const calculateDecimal = binaryString => {
     return [...binaryString].reverse().reduce((sum, bit, i) => sum + (bit * Math.pow(2, i)), 0);
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Edvinas Pranka

Nice implementation. Just one thing. The app idea challenge was not store the binary value in the array :) I forget to mention it :)