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Camilo Martinez
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How to test media queries with Chrome (or Edge)

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Whether you want it to or not, modern web development is directly tied to responsive design. There are media queries everywhere, even Bootstrap and Tailwind use some sort of breakpoints related to that.

Media Query Viewer

Sometimes we think it's hard to test it, but Chrome/Edge DevTools has a hidden gem to deal and handle easily with those breakpoints. I will show you how to activate this superpower.

  1. Open Chrome/Edge DevTools
  2. Enable Mobile view
  3. Ensure select "Responsive" on the device list.
  4. Select "show media queries"


Query Bars

Depending on media queries defined on the page you would see 4 bars in different colors.

Preset sizes (Gray):

Max width (Blue):
Alt Text

Max and Min width (Green):
Alt Text

Min width (Orange)
Alt Text


The Bootstrap page it's an excellent opportunity to see this feature in action because has multiple types of media queries.


Source Code

You can also right-click over a selected media query and see it directly on the source code.


Bonus Track

If you want to see all media queries in action at the same time I'll recommend you take a look at Responsively.


It's an amazing and open source project that will make your job easier as a developer.

That’s All Folks!
Happy Coding 🖖


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Kilian Valkhof

Hey Camilo! You should check out Polypane. It can automatically detect all your media queries (like Chrome) and then create panes from them so you get a really good overview of the sizes you developed for, rather than just device sizes. It's been doing that since 2016 by the way :)