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Is there a way to edit post directly on VSCode?

equiman profile image Camilo Martinez twitter logo github logo Updated on ・1 min read editor it's good but needs jump between help, markdown, and preview "tabs".

I like the way that VSCode handles editing files on MarkDown and the ability to see a preview at the side.

It's there a way to activate these powers on the web or edit directly on VSCode?

Will be good if can download something like repo and can make commits 😀

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I don't think so at the moment, it would require a public API and a VSCode extension. There's a feature request on accessing posts via git and one on a public API


Ohh thanks, nice to see there is something about in mind.


Main thing standing in between us and a public API right now is token management. Basically a user should have_many tokens and should be able to create/destroy them.

The actual API endpoints are pretty straightforward once that happens. And the token management is pretty straightforward as well. We just need to make it happen.

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