Why I'm moving to Dev.to?

Camilo Martinez on September 25, 2018

Number one and most important is: Dev.to community Rocks!!! Hell Yeah!!! I need tell you a "secret" before start... I have moved my blog through L... [Read Full]
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Great to have you. I think everything in the Medium missing can be added here soon enough 😄


I hope so 🤗 Dev.to it's an excellent community and opportunity to learn.


Please don't.

And if you have to, it has to be called DevToGold Top Membership $1500/mo :)


You can have your view stats if you become a paying member (starts from $1/Mo).

You can set a cover_image in your post front matter, I don't recall whether it gets picked up by Twitter/etc.


Recently I've found Dev.to by chance. And I'm very impressed with this site. It's like a heaven for programmers.

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