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Golang Rest API for NodeJS developer - Intro

In the past few months, I've been working on some Golang projects. Loving it, but did get some issues. One of them is the lack of tutorials.
I mean you can find a lot of Golang tutorials online like on Youtube or Udemy etc.
But I didn't find one where I can learn how to build a full rest API or something like that.
A lot of them were just about Golang in general. Some about Golang as a full-stack solution, so you use Golang as the templating etc.
But didn't find one focussing on making Rest API.

What this tutorial will teach?

So this tutorial will be about making a Rest API but from a NodeJS developer perspective. This is a tutorial for those coming from the stack I was already showing in my channel. Those who use express etc.
We will learn how to make endpoint using Chi, how to use postgresql as the database. How to use go-pg as the orm. Also how to deal with user authentication and JWT. How
to hash and save a password etc. The basic yes, but enough so you can build a project after this tutorial. The repos will be available here and the playlist here.

I'm not saying what I show will be better than others, but I feel this tutorial can fill a gap I get when coming to Golang


I hope you will enjoy this tutorial, let me know in the comments if you have any question

P.S If I see people like Golang tutorial on my youtube channel, I'm planning to make one for GraphQL + Golang after

Happy Coding :)

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