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Ever got tired of remembering which class you have? Constantly having the urge to check the class hours?
What if I told you - you could have your timetable in your pocket? No more fussing over it again?

TimeLy, an app developed by Android Club VITC, is designed to fulfil the same and make life easier for every student!

Let’s have a quick glance at some of the prominent features of this app.

1.Simple UI:
The Graphical User Interface of this app is simple and easy on the eyes. With a minimalistic background and the absence of unnecessary features, this makes the app extremely user friendly.

2.No Signup:
No registration is required. One does not have to go through any hustle of providing personal details. TimeLy is a one of a sort, straight to the point app, directly catering to your needs.

3.No ads:
With no annoying ads to waste your time, TimeLy ensures you get to check your timetable without any disturbances.

4.Radiant Colors:
TimeLy also allows the user to use various colors for particular classes. With a range of modest colors, your entire experience is made much more comfortable and pleasant.


Let’s now have a quick look on how to use this app:

To start off simply click on the ‘+’ sign on the top right corner of your screen.

Let’s say I have a Lab class of Cyber Security with a C2 slot. Adding in these details with the timings and day of the class (along with your preferred color choice), click on the ‘Add’ button.

Alt Text
Alt Text

And that’s literally all there was to it! Your class has been added to your timetable. Now all that remains is adding the rest of your classes, and all your timetable worries have been solved!
Alt Text
Couldn’t have asked for anything better huh?

TimeLy is as Barney Stinson would say -

Alt Text

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