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Landing Laravel - my submission to the DigitalOcean App Platform Hackaton

Disclaimer: as a DigitalOcean employee, I am not eligible to win any prizes, but I decided to participate as a fun exercise to learn more about App Platform and get a cute badge from DEV ;)

What I built

I built a links landing page in PHP with Laravel. You can build one too if you follow my tutorial series on How To Build a Links Landing Page in PHP with Laravel and Docker Compose.

Category Submission:

Personal Portfolio

App Link


Landing Laravel Screenshot


This application provides a simple web page with relevant links that you want to share. It can be very useful for Instagram, instead of using services like Link.tree you can host your own links landing page.

Link to Source Code

Permissive License



I first had this idea after seeing Link.tree and how this service is being used on Instagram to share links on that platform. I decided to build something self-hosted, as an experiment. Since it's rather simple in scope, I decided to turn this into a tutorial series that I wrote for DigitalOcean.

How I built it

I built it originally with Laravel and Docker Compose. I learned a lot of things about App Platform while trying to deploy it, and also about docker images in general.

Now that I managed to get it deployed, it's so easy to update that I'm planning to spin some of these for my personal use, too :)

Additional Resources/Info

If you want to have a look at how I customized the page at, check out my own fork of the Landing Laravel application.

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