Understanding Git Branches (Illustrated)

Erika Heidi on January 17, 2020

In a previous post, we talked about the process of submitting changes to a remote Git repository. We've seen that this process is done in three ste... [Read Full]
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Wow! These illustrations are incredibly well done - both informative and gorgeous!


Great illustrations. I think illustrations on "merging" vs. "rebasing" may help teams out a lot (and explaining how to resolve merge conflicts); since the last paragraph discussed merge requests, it may be an appropriate place to continue. Thanks for doing this.


Hey Erika, great post! Especially your point on always using pull requests when suggesting changes in a code base!


Beautiful drawings!

But the post is too short, imo, and doesn't do a good job of explaining branching in git (that's what I expected the post to do based on the title).

It's more about why/when branches are used.


Thank you for your feedback, these are really aimed at beginners. I have added a few links for more comprehensive guides!


Awesome illustrations, what do you use to make them?


These were hand-drawn and painted with watercolors, than scanned for final touches. I can't find joy in digital arts!


These illustrations are amazing: you have a gift! I’ll admit I came for baby Yoda 😀


Could you make a article on 'rebase'?

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