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Erin Fox
Erin Fox

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Nevertheless, Erin Fox Coded

I began/continue to code because...

I love the feeling of FINALLY getting something to work! Even if it took hundreds of attempts, finally getting it and understand it is such an amazing feeling. That is what keeps me going.

I recently overcame...

getting my conference CFP's rejected. Even though none of them have been chosen, I still continue to enter them. You never know :)

I want to brag about...

the tech talk's I've been giving! Next one will be with GraphQL NYC.

My advice for allies to support women who code is....

show up and don't give up. There's too many times when I am the only female at a Meetup. We need to change that. If anyone needs a buddy to go with, I'm always in! Twitter= @erinfoox

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Jess Lee

What's your CFP on?!

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Erin Fox

"Learning React Native as a Junior Engineer"