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Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies to Hire

In this blog post, we have created a curated list of Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies across the globe. Go to the extensive in-depth analysis of each of the companies and choose the best as per your business needs and requirement.

Blockchain technology has evolved as one of the most popular and demanding services in recent times. The technology has completely transformed the working mechanism of many companies, particularly in the Finance sector. Today, almost all large and medium-sized enterprises are looking at growth possibilities with this technology. Many start-ups are seen exploring these services to gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets.

To reap the maximum benefits from this technology, you have to distinguish the best blockchain development company which is capable of successfully implement this up-to-date & perspective technology into your business operations.

Why is Blockchain technology important for your business?

Is your reputed business tired of continuous network downtime, security breaches and large capital investment to host a range of business services? If yes, then Blockchain technology can be the one-stop destination for all your business problems. It pretty well handles the growing demands of your modern business applications offering you a decentralized network while securing & managing your important data through smart contracts.

Here is a comprehensive list of Top Blockchain Development Companies worth hiring in 2019.

QSS Technosoft

QSS Technosoft

QSS Technosoft streamlines your business functions offering the most scalable Blockchain development services to businesses across the globe. The company with its Blockchain Development Solutions improves data security, achieves high scalability, and maintains transparency in business processes.

Being a leading blockchain development company, the company has successfully delivered blockchain development solutions on Blockchain networks like Etherium, Hyperledger using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethers, Pitcoin, etc. QSS is backed up by a team of 150+ associates who can help you right from the development services like a smart contract, wallet, token generation and sales of ERC-20 or utility tokens, faucet, airdrop, escrow services with KYC, smart tickets for blockchain events and fully-fledged ICO system, etc. You can rely on hiring QSS services for custom-made Blockchain Development.

Blockchain Services Offered by QSS

Being a trusted blockchain Development Company in India, we can help you make create a decentralized app over the blockchain network as a part of your business reality with our wide range of services that mainly cover:

  • DApp Development
  • Crypto Exchange Development
  • BlockChain App Consulting
  • Initial Coin Offering Solutions
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
  • Ethereum and Hyper Ledger Solutions
  • Escrow Services
  • Smart Ticketing Solutions through Smart Contracts

Quest Global Technologies

Quest Global Technologies

Quest Global Technologies, as they say, can be your ‘partner in success’ in bringing the best in your business. It is a leading software development company that works on Blockchain Technology as well as customized ERP, Mobile & Web Apps, and Salesforce. Being rated as TOP mobile application developers by Appfutura, Quest Global Technologies envision making its clients successful by leveraging technology to increase sales, automation and reduce wastage.

Blockchain Services Offered by Quest:

  • Cryptocurrency development
  • ICO/STO development
  • Wallet Development
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Development
  • Ethereum Application Development
  • Bitcoin Software Development
  • Blockchain Development



Source: ArcTouch


ArcTouch, founded in 2008 in San Francisco, is considered a renowned blockchain development company with offices located across the globe. The company has helped several businesses transform the way their business processes operate & function. Strategy, Architecture & implementation are the three-step approaches they follow in transforming your business through blockchain. 

Blockchain Services Offered by ArcTouch:

  • Easily implementing blockchain-based prototypes
  • Evaluation of private blockchain networks
  • Developing DApps on top blockchain platforms
  • Implementing and creating smart contracts




Source: Altoros


Altoros was founded in 2001 in Sunnyvale with offices in Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, and the UK. The organization works for enterprises by deploying cloud and software solutions to the Cloud Foundry ecosystem. Apart from blockchain technology, the company holds expertise in big data, AI, and cloud consulting.

Till now, the company has helped a number of enterprises to start off their blockchain journey. Altoros help you operate in a decentralized, distributed and secure framework, help in speeding up processes, enhance existing workflows, lowering costs and achieve transparency by carrying out your business transactions securely.

Blockchain Services Offered by Altoros:

  • Blockchain for Enterprises that includes Blockchain consultancy, development & corporate training
  • Blockchain for Network Deployment that includes full-stack development services, implementation support, network monitoring, & network migration.



Source: Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab offers the best blockchain engineering services in & across Eastern Europe. With its vast expertise in the field, the company has helped dozens of SMBs and enterprises including E&Y, The World Bank, Nestle, London Stock Exchange, and Shell to name a few.

Blockchain Services Offered by Intellectsoft:

  • Public blockchain network integration
  • Distributed applications (DApps) development
  • Permissioned/Permissionless blockchain development
  • Smart Contracts development
  • Hybrid centralized systems development with blockchain components
  • Consortium networks
  • Blockchain technology consulting
  • Integrating blockchain into legacy infrastructure
  • Migrating to blockchain infrastructure

Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

CIS is a promising blockchain development company having offices in USA, Canada, Singapore, UK/EU, South Africa & India. The company is known for offering business-benefitting solutions to its clients based across diverse fields. With 14+ years of experience, the company is proud to deliver its services to popular clients- eBay, Bell, World Vision, Mannatech, BT etc. 

Blockchain Services Offered by Cyber Infrastructure:

  • Blockchain development solutions from Custom Cryptocurrencies, hash algorithms, architectures to distributed ledger technology.
  • Blockchain Mining Software development services
  • Blockchain Smart Contract Development
  • Blockchain Wallets and Exchange Applications
  • Blockchain Banking Solutions
  • Blockchain Software Expertise



Source: LeewayHertz


LeewayHertz is specialized in blockchain development and has worked with most of the technological tools, including Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and Corda. With expertise in Fintech, healthcare, and supply chain, LeewayHertz is listed as one of the most appraised blockchain development companies in the world that pretty well works with this technology assisting various companies emerging across diverse industries.

Blockchain Services offered by LeewayHertz:

  • Smart Contract development 
  • DApp development
  • Building MVP using Hyperledger, R3 Corda, Hashgraph or Ethereum.


Code Brew Labs

Code Brew labs

Source: Code Brew labs


Code Brew with its offices in Mexico, United States, Dubai & India is a globally recognized Blockchain development company. With a team of 100+ Blockchain App Developers, the company offers blockchain development services for businesses based across diverse fields- Healthcare, Logistics, Trading, Retail, Banking & Finance, Real Estate & Insurance.

Blockchain Services Offered by Code Brew Labs:

  • Private Blockchain development
  • Smart Contracts Development & audit
  • Blockchain Solidity development
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
  • Ethereum based DApps Development

Empirica Software

Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

Empirica Software is a blockchain development company that particularly works with financial technology-based projects. Founded in 2009, the company has offices based in USA, UK, Finland, Poland, Germany & Netherlands. Till now, the company offered 100% customer satisfaction offering Blockchain services to companies like Warsaw Stock Exchange, InvestHelp, Credit Agricole, Bank of Environmental Protection Brokerage House, and Investio.

Blockchain Services Offered by Empirica Software

  • Empirica Blockchain Development Company
  • Blockchain development
  • Cryptocurrency algorithmic trading platform
  • ICO investor platform
  • Technology for cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Crypto asset management. 
  • Facilitating investment in cryptocurrencies
  • Building blocks for the exchanges.



Source: Ciklum

Founded in 2002, Ciklum is a top blockchain development company having offices in Ukraine, UK, USA, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, Poland, Belarus, Pakistan. Ciklum works as smart contract development enabling smooth implementation of Blockchain into business operations. Till now, the company has successfully integrated blockchain solutions to its clients based in industries- finances, logistics, and the banking sector.

Blockchain Services Offered by Ciklum:

  • Blockchain development services
  • Smart Contracts
  • Supply Chain Blockchain


We hope you enjoyed reading about these top 10 Blockchain development companies, handpicked for you. The companies offer custom Blockchain development services as per your business needs automating your business process to a more secure network. If you are searching for a reliable Blockchain developer company for your projects, it’s high time to go through the list and choose the one as per your need & budget.


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