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Which companies are using Erlang, and why? #MyTopdogStatus

Erlang Top Dog

Did you know 90% of all internet traffic goes through one niche technology? And, it's the same technology that has maintained an unheard of 99.999% uptime for the English National Health Service (NHS). In fact, it is the reason WhatsApp was able to manage 54 billion messages a day with an engineering team of just 32 people?

That niche technology is Erlang, and if you look into any major industry, the big names will be using it. In gaming, there's Nintendo. In banking, there's Vocallink, a Mastercard company. In Telecoms, there's Ericsson and Motorolla, In finance? Goldman Sachs, And if you've ever secured a date on Grindr, you've used Erlang.

Francesco Cesarini is the Founder and Technical Director of Erlang Solutions. He has worked with the Erlang Ecosystem for 25 years. He says:
"The Erlang ecosystem is not just a programming language. It is a family of programming languages, a virtual machine as powerful as an operating system and a set of middleware libraries which abstracts many of the recurring (and tricky) problems you have to deal with when working with scale and resilience."

For our latest campaign, we want to spread the word that Erlang is the top dog in any tech stack. The message is too important to do alone, so we've engaged the help of dogs!

In the first blog of the campaign, Francesco Cesarini shares a comprehensive high-level summary of the language, its middleware and its virtual machine. The blog is filled with real-world examples of household brands achieving amazing results with Erlang, and of course, dogs. Read it now at

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Herb Wolfe

FYI, the url returns a 404 error.

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Erlang Solutions Author

Thanks for spotting that.
We have fixed the URL.