Which visual studio code extension is the best for creating todo/bookmarks?

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Here's a scenario.

I've been working on a redux app and (a) I am new at it and (b) haven't touched it in a week. So I'm going through it and adding these comments

// 1.0 started here
// 1.1 dispatch FETCH_CONTENT
// 1.3 fetched payload

I tried few extensions that promise to gather these comments and none of the work right. Most of them only display the comments on the open page.

Currently I'm using an extension called Bookmarks but I feel like surely you guys use something similar but better. Can you suggest anything?

Edited for more clarification

Those are my bookmarks. I numbered them but the get grouped by the page they are in. It does what I need it to do, but I was wondering whether there was a better way (apart from I should write better code not to need this- he)

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I'm not sure if you're aware, but I guess its worth mentioning. I've had the same issue -- still haven't found a great tool that solves each part of the problem. So I kind of went another way.

I currently use two tools to help make my TODOs stand out in my editor.

  1. Better Comments: Does exactly what it says. Takes your comments and gives them a better syntax highlight, making them stand apart from the rest.

  2. TODO Highlight - It highlights the word "TODO:" inside of any comment, making that stand out even further.

For your purposes where you want to pull up each todo inside a project or file, I suggest just doing a search through the entire project for "TODO" via the "Find in Files" menu option to using the shortcut mac: (SHIFT + CMD + F) / pc: (SHIFT + CRTL + F). Search for the word "TODO" and you'll get every todo in the document.

Kind of a round about way, but then again I really don't use TODOs as often as I thought I would. Maybe it's because I've found my work around to be a bit cumbersome, but in either case, maybe this will help someone. Good Luck.


Numbered Bookmarks is pretty much same as Bookmarks but it has some extra features. Hope someone else has better suggestion.

BTW it is not clear of what you need. You need to explain it a little bit.