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What I learnt from #100DaysOfCode challenge

Hello Readers👋, let me introduce myself, I am Shreyasi. A second year IT undergraduate and a web development enthusiast. So recently I completed my 100DaysOfCode on twitter.

So I came across the 100DaysOfCode challenge on its official website and thought of giving it a try.

Here is the link to the official website with all the rules if you are considering it(I highly recommend it)


My intention for taking up this challenge was

  • to become consistent I was very inconsistent before
  • to code more frequently I was really passionate about problem solving and coding in general but was newbie( P.S still am😅)*


  • Yes, I was able to be more consistent. Obviously there is always scope for improvement,still I can proudly say I am better than the person I was before taking up this challenge

  • My efficiency in not only coding but learning process in general went drastically up.

  • This was unexpected but I met with many Devs with similar interests and this in turned motivated me to improving my skills.

  • I became better at expressing myself. That being said , I am not being **extrovert* now . Infact ,not even close. But, as I said earlier*, I am better than before

  • I got into the habit of keeping tabs of my progress. I highly recommend trying it .

That being said, there were many ups and downs as well and I made a few mistakes too

What I learnt from those mistakes

  • Never rush to just complete the challenge. Learning is more important than completing.*

  • Imposter syndrome is a real thing! Don't be hard on yourself

  • Don't take this challenge if you have a really hectic schedule. In other words, it's fine to discontinue the challenge (during difficult situation)

That's all .
Thank you for bearing with me🙏

You can contact me on
(My DMs are open for any doubts/help for this challenge )

Happy Coding!

Let me know your views about this blog in comment section

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