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Hve Notes - A static blog writing client

Perhaps you have used static blog building tools such as Hexo, Jekyll, Hugo, etc.I have to admit, they are very good.I have used Hexo in the past, but I personally feel that it is not convenient enough and the experience is not good enough.So I wrote such a tool, and hope you like it too.

This application was developed by Vue.js and electron.

Github: Hve Notes
Homepage:Hve Notes(homepage is Chinese only, but the application is support English and Chinese)
Authoer: EryouHao

✍️ Hve Notes A static blog writing client. You can use it to record your life, mood, knowledge, notes and ideas...


πŸ“ You can use the coolest Markdown grammar to create quickly

πŸŒ‰ You can insert pictures and article cover charts anywhere in the article

🏷️ You can label and group articles

πŸ“‹ You can customize menus and even create external link menus

πŸ’» You can use this client on Windows or MacOS

🌎 You can use Github Pages or Coding Pages to show the world that more platforms will be supported in the future

πŸ’¬ You can simply configure and access the Gitalk or DisqusJS comment system

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ You can use simplified Chinese or English

🌁 You can use any default theme within the application or any third-party theme

🌱 Of course Hve Notes is still very young and has many shortcomings, but please believe it will keep moving forward πŸƒ

In the future, it will surely become your inseparable partner

Give full play to your talents!

😘 Enjoy~

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