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Abbreviations we always use on work

Everyday we use many almost abbreviations I and we many don't know what's there meaning.

because I'm a web developer So I decided to collect them in cheatsheet and add any web abbreviation I will remember any time.

SVG Scalable Vector Graphics

HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol

CSS: Cascading Style sheet

HTML: Hypertext Markup Language

WWW: World Wide Web

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SMO: Social Media Optimization

SSL: Sucuire Socket Layer

CLI: Command Line Interface

ex: Terminal (on MacOs) or GitBash (on windows)

DBMS: Database Management System

Software that allows you to interact with a database ex: postgreSQL

DBAPIS: Database Application Programming Interfaces

How to interface with database from another language or web framework ex: Python, NodeJS

SQL: Structure Query Language

The standard language for communicating with a relational database

CMS: Content Management system

ex: WordPress, Drupal and Shopify, etc ....

EKS: Elestic Kubernates Services

OS: Operating System

WWW: World Wide Web

JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group

PNG: Portable Network Graphics

GUI: Graphic User Interface

FTP: File Transfer Protocol

IDE: Integrated Development Environment

CD: Computer Desk

And hope if anyone wants to add some abbreviation specific for the web don't hesitance to share them in the comments! and share knowledge.

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