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Esraa Nasr
Esraa Nasr

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Why do you do challenges?

Last weeks, I'm trying to change work ways

I think when I do things all time, I'm a robot can't think just write code or copy past library.

I'm a freelancer most project clients want to use WordPress. I don't think it's better all time to use it. In my opinion, I forget How to code?

So, I start searching for challenges or team to join to start new projects, talking with developers, and discuss new technologies to use it.

I find

FrontEnd Mentor visit site

There're many challenges for a newbie, intermediate, and advanced.
You'll get more ideas and you can develop it as a side project.

Chingu-Solo visit site
Boost your career with a team. I like this statement
I like to work with a team and use new web technologies.

CSS challenge visit site
I like it every day there's a new CSS challenge. you can improve your skills if you try to do this challenge. submit your project to share knowledge

Codier visit site
This put simple projects and I think there are new projects to do. But it'll good if you start

I'm in day 3 100DaysOfCode

If anyone has a challenge or team work site, please leave a comment to share knowledge.

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Twitter account:

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Very cool for a web designer 😁👍✌️

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Esraa Nasr

do you know the challenges website for developers?

titanhero profile image

Don't 😅? How is that?