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The Zuri Experience

etulan profile image Etulan ・1 min read

It's been two weeks into the training and I can say the future and present is looking bright. Fast forward three orientation videos after the training for the frontend track kicked off with general tasks already out and live classes starting in earnest, I said to myself, Wow! so this is how the real tech world is with deadlines everywhere. I have learnt that to gain more we have to sacrifice some, this was especially when I saw that a class was fixed at 12am and people were still able to attend even though the videos will be made available after. With these and more, I have discovered that I have to change my attitude to learning or I would be swept away in the tech crowd and that I need to find what makes me different from the thousands of people getting into this field.
The training has been insightful, the videos very explanatory and the mentors working hard to ensure that we have a smooth experience and that all complaints/suggestions are treated well. I would love to thank Ingressive for Good and Zuri team for putting together this internship and hopefully, I'll complete this training with a certificate and another article detailing my experience.

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