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ewayne08 profile image Ethan Wayne ・1 min read

I currently am enrolled in Flatiron School as a software engineer. I had my first CLI project and I did it on Star Wars it's a simple concept.

First I found an API then I got to work. I ran into a few problems such as using certain API's and not being able to find out how to display them when you ran the code. So I found this Star Wars one which was much simpler and had ID 1-10. It took some time and a lot of trial and error to develop I ran into all sorts of problems with instance methods and class methods(something I need to work on). Got a little help from fellow class mates and ended up getting the project done.

I am still currently reviewing the project and instance vs class methods as I still struggle to an extent. I have my review tomorrow and hopefully all this studying will end up paying off. If you'd like to view the project here is a Github link

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