Why I decided to do Software Engineering

ewayne08 profile image Ethan Wayne Updated on ・1 min read

I decided to do Software Engineering to learn how to code and develop numerous things and plan on starting some sort of company once I have a job with the knowledge I obtain. My cousin Nathan Latka made a SaaS company named Heyo while attending Virginia Tech. He made all of it happen with some good investors, good coding skills, and some luck. I aspire to hopefully pass him in the business world one day, and plan to make some of my own SaaS(Software as a service) companies.

It's always good to have knowledge and learn high income skills. With the world quickly pursuing in technology, I chose software engineering. At 18 this makes me feel like I am in a pretty good spot by attending Flat Iron School and hopefully working with some great companies and people in the near future that also want to develop some cool businesses!


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