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Shivam Yadav
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College Student seeking career advice

Hello, This is my first post so if there are any typos or grammatical mistakes please forgive me.

I am a student pursuing Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I am a self taught full-stack web developer with decent knowledge of Django in backend. I also like competitive programming. My preferred programming languages are Python and C++.

I want to be land a good job after my college but I am very confused about the path I should follow to achieve that.

I am good at web development but sometimes I feel like I might not be able to land a job with just being a web developer. I am thinking of focusing completely on Data Structures and Algorithms to be able to work in companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook etc.

I can't decide between webdev and data structures. If anyone can give me advice please comment or email me at

Edit: I just finished an internship as a python developer intern. I learnt a lot yet I feel like to land a job in a really good company I am not talented enough in web dev.

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Nicholas Foster

Shivam, I cannot speak for the big tech as I have primarily worked in banking. But the tier 1 banks are really focused on hiring the top talent with the skill sets mentioned and more. Take a look at this, it may give you an idea =>

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Hemant Joshi

Hii dev,
Let me explain i am 18 which mean i dont have knowledge about jobs and other stuffs but I my brother is 23 and I observed him and talk with him and here is a answer for you:
My brother is web dev who pretty good knowledge but he not master in web dev additionally he is pursuing master from NIT Bhopal ,
He recently got intern in Dell inc, where he has job of Micro Services which is related to web de,
also remember SpaceX Launhed its Demo-2 which has UI designed in JS.
Focus on your projects and to qualify the interview you must be good at comp programming.
Another mentioning,
JavaScript is a must have skill and good github profile too.

hope this helps you!

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Shivam Yadav

Thank you for your advice.

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