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10 Best Podcasts .NET Developers will Love in 2021

This article features my personal top 10 podcasts which I will recommend to every .NET developer. Some of these may also have episodes on software and web development in general or may also go off topic a little but .NET developers will find lots of .NET related content in these podcasts. Please also note that I am not ranking these podcasts by any means and the following list is only based on what I normally listen and like. I am sure there will be more good .NET related Podcasts out there which I haven't listened yet so I will appreciate if you can share few more Podcasts in the comments section for me and other readers.

.NET Rocks

.NET Rocks! is a weekly talk show for anyone interested in programming on the Microsoft .NET platform. The shows range from introductory information to hardcore geekiness. I love the way Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell keep their listeners interested in the topic with funny jokes. I tried my best not to miss any episode they release because most of the time their guests are top professionals from the industry. The show started in 2004, and by now they released more than 1700 episodes spread over 16 years.



Everyone knows Scott Hanselman  who has been working, teaching, writing, and speaking in the developer community for a long time. I am sure, some of you already love his podcasts, books, YouTube channel or the talks he gives to community in different conferences. The Hanselminutes is a weekly commute-time podcast that promotes fresh technology and fresh voices. You can learn a lot by listening other technologists and developers real life experiences.


The .NET Core Podcast

The .NET Core Podcast is the only podcast devoted to Microsoft's .NET technologies, spreading knowledge on what you can build with it, and what the community are building. Jamie Tyler started this Show in August 2018 and have released some good episodes on .NET and related technologies. If you’re interested in learning .NET Core, I will recommend this podcast to you.


Coding Blocks

Coding Blocks is the podcast for learning how to become a better software developer. This podcast covers a wide variety of topics that range from good programming practices which are language agnostic all the way to specifics for particular languages. The three show hosts Allen Underwood, Michael Outlaw, and Joe Zack produce a show every other week (14 days) about various topics in software development including architecture, algorithms, clean code and much more. The shows are usually a bit longer than an hour, and the audio quality is great.


MS Dev Show

The MS Dev Show is THE podcast for Microsoft developers covering news and topics such as Azure (cloud), Windows, and cross-platform development using MS tools. The show is hosted by Jason Young and Carl Schweitzer and there are more than 200 episodes to listen.


Merge Conflict

Merge Conflict is a weekly discussion with Frank and James on the world of technology and development including C#, F#, .NET, web, mobile, and more. They also cover fun things happening in the world of technology and gaming and whatever else happens to be on Frank's and James' minds.


Channel 9 by Microsoft

Channel 9 is a media site run by Microsoft and their team of developers and evangelists. The site includes all kinds of content, including video, how-to’s, and product reviews from around the Microsoft ecosystem. The Channel 9 Podcast is a good way to keep up with what’s going on with Microsoft technology. The episodes are very short and include interviews with Microsoft pros who discuss the projects they’re currently working on.


Developer On Fire

Developer On Fire by Dave Rael is the podcast that shares the humanity of developers and tells stories of some of the amazing people in software. The approach was to ask developers for interviews. This included some names you already know and some names you don’t know but should. The show has more than 450 episodes to listen.


no dogma podcast

Bryan Hogan has a new guest every two weeks. He gets a lot of experts in and they could talk about anything from the newest release of .NET Core to entrepreneurial insight into how to scale an organisation. There are more than 100 episodes on topics connected with software development; privacy, security, management, tools, techniques, skills, training, business etc.


The Rabbit Hole: The Definitive Developer's Podcast

The Rabbit Hole, the definitive developers podcast is a podcasts for software developers. If you are looking to stay on top of the latest news in the software development world, or just want to learn actionable tactics to improve your day-to-day job performance, this podcast is for you.


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