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How to improve the default django admin

fabiocaccamo profile image Fabio Caccamo ・1 min read

I work on a daily basis with python/django since 9 years now and I like it very much.

One of the best aspects of working with django is its admin, it is very simple to use (also for clients), but it lacks in customization.

Before giving backend access to the clients I always did some customization to the admin (like changing the logo and the main colors) to match the client identity.

It was boring and repetitive work, so I decided to write a library to do it.

The result is the django-admin-interface library and these are the main features:

  • Themes management and customization (title, logo and colors)
  • Related popup-windows replaced by modals
  • Environment name/marker
  • Language chooser

It is open-source on GitHub a lot of people use it:

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sikander khan

I like your work but is there a way to use a custom dashboard like bootstrap with django admin features like adding a poll, question, etc and to make it asynchronous.
Please help me with this.