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Elon Musk demo of Neuralink device

Elon Musk's announcement of the Neuralink chip that will frighteningly change the future:

  • The chip will be installed in the brain. Nobody will know whether you have a chip or not. Elon said, "I may be the compiler of the chip now and no one will know that."

A chip reads everything inside your brain, does all the jobs, predicts, plans and solves problems for you.

  • The place where the chip is implanted allows it to treat many problems such as vision, hearing, memory, psychological problems, addiction, and even autism.

  • You can communicate with the chip through your electronic devices such as your phone, and a Tesla car.

  • It will have a permanent development of the slide, for example there will be an upcoming development, through which you will be able to cancel any painful feelings such as feeling pain and sadness.

  • You can control your memories and even your dreams and store them in the form of files. If you feel upset, you can play the memory that makes you happy.

  • There is no way for your data to be hacked through the chip.

There will be a thing called "superhuman capabilities", through which the human being will be stronger than ever before. You will see from the farthest range, your hearing will be stronger, you can even cancel your feelings and turn them on.

The slide has been manufactured, approved, and tested, and human clinical trials will start soon.

This is said in a conference before the whole world. This conference is an hour and 13 minutes

Resoures :

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Pedro Fonseca

"There is no way for your data to be hacked through the chip."

Isn't everything hackable at the end of the day?

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