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Why PHP is the king of the web?

PHP is a good language... not good it is the best language when it comes to the web development, why I am saying that? Ok lets talk about why PHP is the best language for the web.

I saw developers making PHP as a dead language, when i ask them why? They told me that PHP is no longer using by big tech componies? Again i ask them is there is another reason that makes PHP a dead language? They said php is slower than others like node.

That is the way many junior developers and even some senior developers think about programming languages, they think if big tech componies dont use some languages then those languages are not great or even dead .. like humans die😅.

The leader of the web

As we know PHP powers almost 80% of the web, and if Iam not wrong that means php is the leader, king 👑, chief, president of the web.

PHP also powers the most popular CMS in the world Wordpress, and in my opinion wordress is best CMS I ever used, its suitable for developers and non-developers. Its easy to use, easy to customize. I think everyone who wanted to create or do something related to the web someday heard wordpress.

In my opinion PHP will not die soon or never becaus if PHP dies that means 80% of the web dies with it.

PHP Frameworks

If you look the frameworks, PHP has a great and popular frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter and so many others, if you are PHP developer i promise you will never die lack of frameworks, you will find the framework that suits your need.

PHP Community

PHP has also large great community on the internet if you have any problems related to PHP iam sure that you will find a solution to your problem.

When it comes to the deployment of your app to the internet i think there is no host provider that does not provide php enviroment.


My point is not that php is better that other programming languages.

My point is PHP has a large influence when it comes to the web, and its not dirty or bad code language as many developere believe.

PHP is popular, easy and flexible programming language.

Finaly php wants to say.

   echo "Hello world! Don't underestimate me";
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