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Career in Freelancing

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Just want some advice regarding starting freelancing work.. I am learning ruby and ruby on rails.. Rails is not that popular like it's used to be.. but I wanna do a job in rails anyway because that is what I like.. So my question is what career advice you(rails) developers would like to give newbies.. what's the status of rails in freelancing world?? not enough jobs of rails I know but I want to do a work in which I am interested because that's where you can make awesome projects.. Waiting for your replies.. Thanks

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That's a solid piece of advice akash.. and it's ok if you are not rails developer.. what you wrote applies at pretty much everything regardless of language and it's framework.. just one question :

Is it normal for newbies to take project for free just to make their portfolio worth??


no, Faizan, try at least you get paid for something for it. making it free is not worth even your time and position in portfolio. trust me i did it and nobody asked about it.

yeah.. if you are good at something never do it for free.. if you are even starting out that case never do it for free either.. :P

Thanks Akash for your advice :)

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