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What are some decentralised social networks/messaging apps that I can use off the grid?

faraazahmad profile image Syed Faraaz Ahmad ・1 min read

Simply put, if the government shuts down all cellular services and internet access, what do I use to communicate with people?

I've tried Manyverse and Patchbay bit they don't work for me. Please help.

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Loouis Low • Edited

You can use Zeronet and set up a wifi connection with a couple of long-range antennas in your living area. Everyone can connect to it and create your own community mini local intranet connection with blogs, news, file sharing, website, etc. Meanwhile, your connections also appear in the Zeronet P2P swap networks that connect globally across the planet earth who using the Zeronet. Everything is encrypted. Do not thank my spoon-feeding.

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Tobias SN

Physical letters, landline and meeting in person.

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