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Farid Aditya
Farid Aditya

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which you prefer to learn by watching videos or reading ??

Because now Dev has uploaded a video file

Personal opinion, I am more comfortable learning something by reading posts, rather than watching posts on youtube, that's why I'm dev.

For developer developers, please don't change dev feed to video feeds

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Ross Henderson

I prefer reading. Watching a video takes a lot longer and I struggle if I find the person hosting annoying. I bought a Udemy course and one of the tutors kept making really crappy jokes and did some awful editing and it was really hard to finish.

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Austin S. Hemmelgarn

For software stuff, usually reading, although I much prefer documentation to tutorials. I tend to be very good at understanding documentation provided that I get the underlying concepts, but often have issues understanding exactly what a tutorial is trying to say.

The moment it gets into hardware or mechanical engineering type stuff though, I much prefer videos, or at least well made diagrams. I'm much better at thinking in three dimensions when I can actually see those extra dimensions instead of having to imagine them.

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Holy-Elie Scaïde • Edited

For me, learning through videos is slow. I can speed read and quickly browse through a subject with books. But I can't really do that with a video. When I'm learning something, I do it by crossing over to multiple sources (Google, Wikipedia, more books,...) which again is very hard to do. Right now I'm comfortable with API docs, so I learn new technicals things there. The books I'm reading is more about the craft part of Software Engineering (Clean Code, Clean Coder, Clean Architecture, The Pragmatic Programmer, Design It, The Art of Unix Programming,...) and the human part than the technical part. But I like Podcasts.

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If I'm about to learn a new thing, I prefer to watch a quick video to have an idea and scratch the surface of the subject, and once I feel ready to tackle the subject, I switch to reading and practicing cames at the end of the journey.

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Holy-Elie Scaïde


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Holy-Elie Scaïde • Edited

I have not considered that. I also don't read tutorials unless they contain a solution to a problem I'm stuck (I speed read in this case)

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Farid Aditya • Edited

to @opmarq @scottishross and @sandro_roth thank you for the response.

@opmarq honestly I never thought like that, watching a short video after that just started to study the topic. Maybe I will start trying

@scottishross , I tried udemy too, and honestly I couldn't learn anything from Udemy

@sandro_roth I strongly agree, I also prefer to read books when learning something new, but I have never tried a conference lecture on YouTube

It is my hope that, instead of dev developers making facilities to send videos and possibly load full videos, it might be better if the dev developer provides a video upload facility on the post body.

For example, if someone wants to upload a video, at least he has to post 3 to 5 minutes to write about the topic, then the upload facility will appear.

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Nadia Caesarina

because I am a mother, so for me watching videos is more comfortable, because it can be at any time when free can also be anywhere via mobile. maybe it doesn't absorb 100℅ lessons, but it's enough to understand the basic concepts