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Cool Chrome Extensions For Designers

Extension making our work easier and I wanted to recommend some cool extensions that helps a lot for designers.

Fonts Ninja

Have you ever seen a cool font and don't know its name? Fonts Ninja find all fonts on a website.

Cool alternative doing same thing

CSS Peeper

Site Pallete

This extension generates all color pallates and able to change it any color.

CSS Viewer

It's just a simple css property viewer. I usually use this when I try to scale margins,paddings and other CSS code. You already scale this using Figma etc. and this might be useful on browser side.

Toggle Pesticide

This extension makes line around each element and makes each element visible. Especially, I use this extension responsive design.


My favorite extension. You can see every color on a website. Just click something on it and it copied your clipboard.

Responsive Viewer

Instead of open toggle device on chrome use Responsive Viewer to see every kind of device and design your website responsive way.

Bonus: Mercury Read

It creates a blank to read everything clearly

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