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How to prepare for a technical interview?


In the previous article, I wrote about the interview itself from the interviewer’s point of view. Now I am offering some resources and tips to the candidate to make it through.

Situation: Technical interview is approaching
Task: Study and practice
Action: Focus on what matters
Result: Ace the interview

First, you need a map to get to the destination. This is what I think could give you a good chance to land a job as a NodeJs developer.

Let’s make a knowledge list

  1. Core fundamentals
  2. Asynchronous programming
  3. Object-oriented programming
  4. Testing
    • Unit testing & TDD
    • Integration
    • Performance
  5. Data structures and their time complexity


After study the theory I’d suggest building a REST API project to implement what you study this will also serve as a portfolio. Ask peers and more seniors devs to review your code.

Get out of your comfort zone. If you know restify try fastify. If you are comfy with mocha & chai try jest.

Go to code challenge platforms and tackle as many problems as you can. It’s worth to mention each of them has different flavors. Solve quizzes.

Listen to podcasts. Personally, I follow Javascript Jabber and Software Engineer Radio, for Spanish speakers you have No es un bug es un podcast. Since you have limited time, just search for specific episodes to make the most of it.

Practice the interview! Ask yourself: how do I want to be perceived? Then write down a paragraph to introduce yourself.
Talk to the mirror or even better record yourself answering pre-canned questions. Ask a more senior dev to run a mock interview.

Then schedule a bunch of interviews as close as you could. In this fashion, you will be familiar and more relaxed.

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