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Discussion on: I created my own Pure CSS Micro-Framework, a tale 🙃

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Felippe Regazio Author • Edited on

Uow, thats true. What firefox version? I tested with the last one. Also, meter and progress are hard to style natively, and all components are directly styled, there is no opinionated architecture or imposed html structure to build fake elements. This is not wrong of course, but this framework is just not intended to that. Meter and Progress are styled using vendor prefixes, maybe your version doesnt support those vendors yet, ill wait to know about which version are you using and try to figure out if has a workaround. Thanks for your feedback :D

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Jeff Jadulco

I'm using Firefox 76.0.1 (64-bit). It looks okay on Chrome though. So yeah I think it doesn't support it yet D:

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Felippe Regazio Author

True. I'll download your version and try to figure out a solution. If all fails, maybe offer a workaround with spans. Thanks again.