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Felix Häberle
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Responsive fix for the Next.js Image component

Currently, layout="responsive" requires you to set width and height which you don't want to set because you don't know what the aspect ratio is going to be.

This is a new change since version 10.0.1 where the team around Next deprecated the unsized prop, replacing it with layout="fill" – which doesn't gives you the same functionality.

Also, if you're going to set layout="fill" and objectFit="cover" on the Image component you will get a strange behavior. There are cases in which you can fix this with position: relative on the parent item, but then you also have to set width and height which you don't want in case of a responsive image.

There is an easy fix to this problem, you only have to set a wrapper around the Image component to give a bit of extra styling.

First, we have to add the wrapping item with the class image-container. Please adjust this to fit your styling needs, e.g. if you're using styled-components the syntax will look slightly different.

<div className={'image-container'}>
  <Image src={path} layout="fill" className={'image'} />
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For this to work, it's important that you add two classes: image-container to the parent element and image to the Image component. After adding these classes, you should add this styling.

.image-container {

  width: 100%;

  > div {
    position: unset !important;

  .image {
    object-fit: contain;
    width: 100% !important;
    position: relative !important;
    height: unset !important;
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And that's it! 🎉

Your images should now display with the right dimensions and should scale up to 100% width and at the same time having the correct height.

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shriekdj profile image
Shrikant Dhayje

thanks dude

orkhangg profile image
Orkhan Aliyev • Edited

layout="fill" is deprecated. use fill={true} instead as follows:
<div className={'image-container'}>
<Image src="IMAGE_SOURCE" className="image" fill={true} alt="ALT_TEXT"/>

ivan_jrmc profile image
Ivan Jeremic • Edited

Any reason you use curly braces in className? It is just a string so you can use just a string without curly braces. Good article this helped me fixing a problem I had!

markwilliams profile image
Mark Williams

I'm guessing it's so it's easier to refactor to using string interpolation.

yonmoyonmo profile image
Yeo, Wonmo

thank you man

pablowbk profile image

Thanks! been struggling with refactoring a component that was using "responsive", this hgave me the perfect grounds to find a solution. cheers!

joshuatuscan profile image
Joshua Tuscan

This saved me from a layout hell. Thanks so much!

paymanbaseri profile image
Payman Baseri

with a little changes

hveveris profile image

Thanks, very useful! XD

fkrautwald profile image
Frederik Krautwald

That was very helpful. I was struggling to hide and show images responsively. Now, I got a couple of great image components to use.

studywithdesign profile image

I have used layout = "responsive" with width = {500} height = {270}

jonm01 profile image
Jon Mathew

With the above fix backdrop-filter: blur(5px); stopped working on a div that overlays on the image. Issue is only with Chrome and Firefox but on Safari it works

sameersmr profile image

thanks man

hamishjohnson profile image

This destroys the cumulative layout shift features of Next/Image priority tag