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Femil Savaliya
Femil Savaliya

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Design websites || you wan't believe exist 😎😎

There are many fantastic websites for designer on the internet.

The ones i will show you in this blog will blow you mind !!

Let’s dive into 🏊🏊

1.Happy Hues

Happy Hues is a color palette inspiration site that acts
as a real world example as to how the colors could be
used in your design projects. It's very practical.
Happy Hues

2.Design System Checklist

Design System Checklist is An open-source checklist to help you plan, build and
grow your design system. It's highly detailed and
contains all you need to build a design system.
Design System Checklist

3.Humane by Design

Humane by Design is a resource that provides guidance for designing
ethically humane digital products through patterns
focused on user well-being.
Humane by Design


This website is a true gem. It's a library of different
onboarding processes by leadign companies, including
detailed breakdown and explanation.


After the app is developed, it's time to publish it on
the app store, for which you'll need some cool cover
images. This website will inspire you.

6.Figma Freebies

A curated collection of freebies for the most popular
design tool. Let's face it - who doesn't like a good freebie? I think we all 'em.
Figma Freebies

What's your favorite website from above ?? πŸ’πŸ’
comment below.

Thank's for reading.

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Joey Guerra

UserOnboard links to the previous one.

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Femil Savaliya

Sry for miss typing, Updated now, Thanks❀

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I think the 4th link is wrong ! But nice list !