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37 minutes to test your next idea

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A few days ago, I launched a coding interview prep tool I wrote about here on Dev.

One thing worth mentioning here is that I only spent about 37 minutes creating a setup that provided me with data I could use to decide if my idea was worth working on.

In this post, I'll describe exactly how I did it, and hopefully, you can re-use this setup to save your precious time.

Step 1. Created a landing page on - 5 minutes

Carrd has plenty of templates for different use cases, so you have the freedom to choose whatever you like the most.

For CoreSkills Challenge I went for this template:

My Template

Step 2. Wrote down my value proposition - 15 minutes.

This one was probably the most crucial step as visitors would use it to understand whether the product resonates with them and if they want to subscribe.

Here's one for CoreSkills Challenge:
Value Proposition

Step 3. Created an email list on Email Octopus & configured Carrd to use it - 5 minutes.

As simple as that.

Step 4. Created a welcome email campaign on Email Octopus - 12 minutes.

The reason it took a few more minutes was that I needed to put down a few words in the welcome email. That's almost as important as the value proposition itself, with the only difference that I had more space to describe what the product was about.

That's it! πŸ™Œ

Feel free to re-use this approach, and let's not waste time building products no-one will ever use. πŸ™

And in case you know even a better way to achieve a similar result, I'd appreciate it if you mentioned it in the comments below.

Stay curious! ✌️

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