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24 Days of Javascriptmas Challenge

Hi my name is Fernando, usually I'm scare of writing post not sure why I feel like out of the water but this time since I completed the challenges is well deserve for me to write at least this post and maybe more in the future if when I get more comfortable with writing.

without further ado this are my javascriptmas challenges

Day 1: Candies
Day 2: Deposit Profit
Day 3: Chunky Monkey
Day 4: Century From Year
Day 5: Reverse a String
Day 6: Sort By Length
Day 7: Count Vowel Consonant
Day 8: The Rolling Dice
Day 9: sum Odd Fibonacci Numbers
Day 10: Adjacent Elements Product
Day 11: I'm an inline link
Day 12: Valid Time
Day 13: Extract Each Kth
Day 14: Maximal Adjacent Difference
Day 15: Carousel
Day 16: Insert Dashes
Day 17: Different Symbols Naive
Day 18: Array Previous Less
Day 19: Alphabet Sequence
Day 20: Domain Type
Day 21: Sum of Two
Day 22: Extract Matrix Column
Day 23: Social Media Input
Day 24: Test You Agility

Have a great Christmas Everyone

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Joshua Jarman

Nice, thanks for sharing! Merry JavaScriptmas! 🎄