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Thomas H Jones II
Thomas H Jones II

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Is Slack (et. al.) Scalable

I ask because, I find that as the company I work for has grown my desire to use Slack has been inversely-proportional to the number of participants (i.e., "it's trending ever downward").

How do you set up your Slack to make it continue to be useful?

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Ben Halpern

I don't have work experience with huge slack groups but I haven't seen it scale well for non-work purposes.

If your company is interested, we've been curious about standing up a private version of the app as a company intra-net for a theoretically more scalable form-factor. πŸ˜„

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Thomas H Jones II

Heh... I guess what I'm looking for is "how do larger orgs run their Slacks so they stay useful?" To date, we've mostly stuck to leaving channels public - even those that we share with other companies. Unfortunately, particularly in longer discussions or threads(and, well, Slack's "threading" feature is comically limited), it often feels like "wouldn't this be better done via email"?

It kind of feels like the "chat" model has an implied-casual nature that email doesn't. Particularly with discussions held in "public" channels, it seems like the whole "is what I'm saying well thought out and/or well-articulated" thought-process isn't really considered.


Dunno. Seems like there could be better way to use the tool but I'm not sure how to encourage better habits?