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Tips to improve your CSS skills

Hello fellow readers, in this blog I will be sharing some tips to improve CSS.

I have seen many developers struggling with CSS, and I know CSS can be a little intimidating. Learning about all the properties at once might be difficult. I too felt the same when I was learning CSS. I took some break in between and continued later.

Here’s are some tips on how to improve your CSS:

Make Projects

Yes, you heard it right! Make projects, there is a high possibility that you might not be doing the task in the most efficient or best manner. But, building projects from scratch allows you to think and develop your skills. No matter how many tutorials you binge, unless and until you code it or try it, there’s no way will improve.

Learn Flexbox

So, you might be thinking, why is flexbox on the list and not other CSS properties? The reason is simple, we all learn the basic fundamentals like color, background, padding, margin, etc. But many developers face issues in alignment, adjusting <div>. I love using flexbox, it is simple and easy. Forget about grid and float, you can learn them later. Learning flexbox will save you loads of time and a feeling of control.


Googling is the key

One of the most used things, when I sit down to work on web development projects is to google. Believe me, I literally google how to remove style on <ul> tag. Even though, you might not remember each and every property, Google if you want to find some property before giving up.



I feel experimenting with your skills is important. Not just making the copy of websites that a Youtuber or Course teacher taught you, you should try to build websites on your own.
For eg: I tried copying the Youtube website, it was really unique compared to other websites.

During this project, I learned how to style scrollbars and more about position, flexbox, height properties. It was an amazing experience! Once you build something on your own, your confidence increases and you build amazing things.

Youtube and blogs

Previously I told you not to be completely dependent on youtube and blogs. I stand with my previous point, but here’s the catch. Don’t binge watch content! Learning through youtube and blogs is awesome

  • You see experienced developers code and learn from it
  • You learn new tricks and tips
  • You get inspired and try to replicate



I hope this blog benefited you if you are stuck with CSS or are looking forward to learning it.
It felt great to share my experience with the community and hope we all become better developers 😄!

I would love to connect with you:

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timtoks profile image

Thank you for the share, my thought is not everyone may have data to google properties, so what other means can you suggest so as to improve their css skills?

fidalmathew profile image
Fidal Mathew

Another method you can try write/type notes on topics you feel you dont remember, or is confusing. I would also like to add that learning to google is also an important skill to have for any developer job. CSS might be able to provide you that experience before going through more complicated languages.

codeystein profile image

I also google a lot, at this point I don't know if I'm good at programing, or good at googling... jk anyways very useful post!

fidalmathew profile image
Fidal Mathew

Same here, if you get the job then no questions asked!😂
Glad you found it helpful!

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