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Taking your PHP career to the Netherlands

The search for international tech talent from Netherland-based companies represents a huge opportunity to the tech community. However, shabby remote recruitment processes and the challenges of relocation have been getting in the way.

The PHP Open Doors aims to remove these constraints by selecting exclusive companies, that are actually interested in investing in recruiting international talent, and providing the opportunity to PHP developers to get to know them in person and meet in their offices.

So what is the PHP Open Doors?
The PHP Open Doors is an event to be held in November 14-15th, in which 30 PHP developers will fly for free to the Netherlands to join a 2-day program where they'll get to know some of the local tech companies hiring international talent.

The 30 tech professionals will be able to be fully immersed into what it's like to live and work in the #1 country in the world for work-life balance. If you want to find additional information, I recommend you to also read some blog posts about the country, Huffpost, and the event, Blog.

How Can a PHP Developer Apply to Participate in the PHP Open Doors?
The application process consists in:

1) application form - in which the candidates' motivations and background fit with PHP positions will be evaluated

2) skill-assessment test - in which the candidates will be able to prove their PHP skills so that it can be assured that they'll be matched with the best tech companies in the Netherlands.

There is only a limited number of spots available and the applications are until the 27th of September. To be one of the lucky 30, you should apply in the events' website.

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david_j_eddy profile image
David J Eddy

I would love to work in the Netherlands, in fact had an offer from Rotterdam a couple years back. Sadly some personal events caused me to have to decline. Maybe in a couple more years.

The Netherlands is amazing. One of my favorite places in the world.

filipabsantos profile image
Filipa Borja Santos

Mine too. The dutch people are super friendly and the country has great working conditions... So maybe some other time :)

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