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Build Social Network on Top of Your Website

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Build Social Network on Top of Your Website

How to add social features to existing web application

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Social media apps have already taken up a significant portion of our lives and the app market, and their numbers continue to grow. A recent hot topic was Clubhouse and its voice chat features. The social networking giants are already imitating them.

This is a common pattern in this industry. An alternative player emerges, using something new as a bargaining chip, then Facebook and Twitter copy those new features. In this scenario, they leverage their user base and don’t have to waste resources on something as unprofitable as being creative.

But there is another side of the coin. You also have the chance to be part of the prosperous market. By using functionalities that reminds classic social media features (likes, feeds), you can improve the user experience and reduce cognitive overhead when learning about the new app and site.

In the previous article, we’ve created a movie search engine page and add content recommendations to it. Since we used a pre-made dataset with user ratings of movies, the recommendations are static.

In this part, I’ll show you how to breathe some life into your site and give users the ability to co-create it. Using Pipeless, we’ll add like/dislike buttons and a simple activity feed for each video.

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