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Fission Drive Preview

We're pleased to present the Preview release of Fission Drive , the web native file system browser that we're including as a base component of the Fission stack.

We've been hosting files, static websites, and client-side apps on Fission since we launched our CLI tool in October of 2019.

Underneath, we use IPFS, but increasingly that's a detail that we don't think most users of our service should have to care about. It's a dependency, just like using MySQL or Redis.

Of course, if you do know what IPFS, great! We want to make it as easy to use as any existing Web2 component, while having capabilities at the protocol level – like file de-duplication, a global CDN, peer-to-peer sync, immutability, and offline support, to name a few– that let us empower all developers to build new and interesting tools.

Fission Drive is the app that we're building to showcase what the entire Fission stack can do, hosted on our own infrastructure.

Steven @icidasset joined the team in December and has been full time since January. He designed and built Fission Drive, as well as our slick new home page, which is also now running on Fission. Next up for Steven is building out web-based passwordless login for Drive, as well as the TypeScript libraries that will let all developers build apps like this.

Drive has a few features to play with, like image previews and support for dark mode. We'll keep the guide docs updated as we add features.

Fission Drive Preview
Fission Drive in Dark Mode, with an image preview

This preview release supports browsing any public IPFS hash, not just those on Fission. You can use this example hash QmbCLefkFuXbhHBWSW7PWmJzBL7W7e8zm41HK4DGJ1RDwV to see it in action at

Want to add your own files? Follow the install instructions for the Fission CLI to easily upload using fission up.

You can subscribe to keep up to date with Fission Drive and other product updates.

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