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IPFS on Hackage

Authored by Daniel

We just published version 1.0.0 of our IPFS package on Hackage 🎉

This library offers a high level API for interacting with IPFS nodes. Most of the functionality was refactored out of our Web API, which provides a convenient HTTP interface for accessing the IPFS network.

The library can communicate with IPFS nodes in two different ways:

  • Locally: This is done by shelling out to an IPFS daemon that is running on the same machine. This would be the equivalent of running an IPFS command in your terminal.
  • Remotely: This is done by communicating with a node's HTTP interface. This could either be a node running on the same machine or on another machine.

The package is not currently fully featured, but the base functionality is present: add, get, pin, and dag put (for building IPLD structures). The existing code provides helpful building blocks for adding additional functionality.

Check out the code on GitHub. Let us know what features would be helpful for you and any issues that you might run into along the way!

When you're ready to start building, head over to Hackage and grab the library.

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