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John "Fitzy" DeLancey
John "Fitzy" DeLancey

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Help me pick a modern report writing tool/package for DotNet?

So I find myself - somehow for the first time - needing to onboard a more serious report writing tool/package/library for my fintech client.

We're a Dot Net company primarily focused on ASP.NET Core banking related applications.

Basic needs:

  • Generate BIG (200-300 printed page), primarily tabular data reports (with the ability to add more data visualization over time)
  • Ability to export reports/data to Excel & PDF
  • Summarize data/visualizations for automated display on the web

So far I've seen example packages from Telerik, DevExpress, and SyncFusion that LOOK like they're along the lines of what we need, but given the expense of them, I'd like to have a solid idea what I'm getting into.

I've also seen PowerBI and Tableau and have no idea what they really are or if they might be a good fit here.

Any thoughts/feedback is MOST appreciated. Thanks!

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Zoltan Halasz

I think the above solutions have community license, which allows you to try them for free. But, even if I just transitioned from finance to programming and can't give you the most profound advice, I would add the following.
Try 1) FastReport ( and 2) RDLC integration into .Net Core see

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John "Fitzy" DeLancey

Thanks for the tips! Will definitely checkout those two you mentioned. And great point on the community licenses (or at least trial periods). Need to just get my hands dirty with them.

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