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In 2020 data teams spent 79% of their time on data gathering and cleaning. The enormous amount of data and missing data talents lead to a huge failure rate of 85% in data science projects. Kuwala wants to provide a tool that combines the best open source projects in an UI that is easy to handle by analysts and flexible enough for engineers to adjust the tool to edge cases and internal needs. We believe in Open Source and so we are! Everything we do is published on our Github Repo: And now we search you to help us to built out our hosted version of Kuwala.


  • During your technical studies (still enrolled), you have already started gaining hands-on software experience at hackathons, contributing on Github and/or with your own application.
  • You have experience working with Python and the relevant data science libaries
  • You are used to acquiring new knowledge and solving problems proactively using Youtube or Stackoverflow
  • You feel an entrepreneurial inventive urge inside you that drives to execute outstanding results within timelines


  • A team that makes a difference and working pro-actively in making dreams happen
  • A product that still changes very rapidly and needs your expertise
  • Attractive financial compensation for your work of up to 50hrs/month
  • Remote Working Style and a developer friendly agile working style.

If you want to make a change in the way how data is integrated into data science models. If you are passionate about creating a working product by yourself. If you want to meet other ambitious people with the goal to create a data science company that drives change. Than you should write us an email to

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