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10 JavaScript Projects in 1 Hour - Coding Challenge

TL;DR: I completed a Coding Challenge in which I created: 10 JavaScript Projects in 1 Hour, all while being live on Twitch.

You can find the recording on YouTube below:

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This is the follow-up challenge after I completed the 10 JavaScript Projects in 10 Hours Coding Challenge a week before.

After the success of the previous challenge I wanted to try something even crazier and as I mentioned at the end of the previous article, 10 Projects in 1 Hour sounded liked a good challenge.

So as usual, I planned out the project I wanted to create, I hit the "Stream" and "Record" buttons on my stream deck and... GO! πŸ”₯

Here is the list of Projects I ended up coding:

  • Hamburger Button & Hidden Menu
  • Toast Notification
  • Auto Write Text
  • Popup / Modal
  • Purple Heart Rain
  • Background Changer
  • Dark Mode Toggle
  • Image Carousel
  • Sound Board
  • Zoom effect

The code is on GitHub and the projects are live here.

As you can see, the projects aren't very sophisticated and they can't really be as I only had 6 minutes on average per project. That's not a lot of time πŸ˜….

The good thing was that I created a "Base Project" which had the HTML, CSS and JavaScript files ready and connected so I only had to focus on actually writing the code for the projects.

Also, knowing some keyboard shortcuts was definitely very helpful.

I ended up finishing the 10 projects in about 54 minutes. I could have tried to do another project, but I didn't... 10 projects would do in an hour, right? πŸ˜†

Looking back at it, the Sound Board project took to longest to finish (almost 8 minutes) but I have to say that the most fun to build was the Purple Heart Rain. I πŸ’œ Purple! πŸ’œ (If you follow me on Twitter you might already know that πŸ˜†).

All in all was a fun challenge. I could say that it was more intense than the previous one but at the same time, faster to complete so at the end it evens it out.

Next up in line: 10 Websites - Design to HTML/CSS, all in one go.

I'll keep you posted on how that goes!

Feel free to join on Twitch if you want to see the live action!

Thank you for reading! I hope you find it inspiring and that you'll also try this challenge one day and you'll have as much fun as I did!

Happy Coding! πŸ˜‡

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perpetual_education profile image
perpetual . education • Edited

This was super fun to watch!

We subscribed!

Here are the thoughts we had while watching:

  • You can also toggle a class to the body like .menu-open and then style the menu, button, and anything else based on that one point
  • You can probably do all of those challenges in the same project! :)
  • Using event delegation, you can get away from adding events specifically to buttons - and then maybe just add a rel='menu-toggle' to many places to trigger events.
  • You can also use a checkbox hack to toggle things and skip the events
  • One cool thing is that you can use pointer-events: none and opacity: 0 on some things - and it's like the modal is always there... but it's not in the way!
  • Close and open are often the same function
  • Could pass in an Object to the modal and use it in a template
  • Purple heart rain is really fun
  • Would be cool to try using @media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {...
  • We find ourselves just reaching for template strings instead of document.create for fast things. Curious how you decide on that
  • Cool zoom implementation! Would be nice to toggle it
florinpop17 profile image
Florin Pop

I really appreciate your feedback and I'm happy you liked it! πŸ’œ

I probably knew 90% of what you mentioned above and you are right, I should have used those but being under the time pressure... πŸ˜…

dejanantic profile image
Dejan Antic

Would love to se the video remade with these suggestions :)

perpetual_education profile image
perpetual . education

Maybe we could pull together something similar. What are 10 things that you would actually want to do in a real project? (we do love purple rain hearts)... but if you have a short list, let us know.

aneeqakhan profile image
Aneeqa Khan

I love the rebeccapurple as well now :D
btw loved your video, it is insane you created these projects so fast. Thats awesome!

florinpop17 profile image
Florin Pop

Happy you did!! πŸ’œ

florincornea profile image
Cornea Florin

at this point when i get notified that you posted, instant like :))

all jokes aside, great job, keep up the good work!

florinpop17 profile image
Florin Pop

Aww! Thank you πŸ™

huylong profile image

great tutorials

mikefarrow profile image

I love this masterpiece of quick fire presentation. Live coding is like speed dating for the normal, boring way of coding. A pioneer or this technique, Dan Shiffman made computing accessible to a new generation of non programmers using first, the Java based Processing language and then its port to Javascript, the P5 library.

Florin does the same for vanilla Javascript, HTML and CSS. It is debatable whether learning to code can ever be considered fun but Dan and Florin come closer to this ideal than many.

The art is to start with nothing or empty files and to create something that is engaging, visually attractive and functional in 5 minutes. You know that, if you could do this, you would ace any interview that you turned up at. Well maybe but it's a damn fine party trick, thanks Florin

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Dragodzs • Edited

Awesome Subscribed !!!

It made me feel energized and gained a lot of knowledge.

Pre-Order your book already. β™₯β™₯β™₯

florinpop17 profile image
Florin Pop

I'm very happy to hear that!

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Madza • Edited

Agree with the top comment wholeheartedly ❀


florinpop17 profile image
Florin Pop

πŸ’œ Thank you for the support!!

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Ketki Pandey