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10 JavaScript Projects in 10 Hours - Coding Challenge

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TL;DR: I completed a Coding Challenge in which I created: 10 JavaScript Projects in 10 Hours, all while being live on Twitch.

You can find the recording on YouTube below:

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Last week I woke up with this crazy idea in mind...

I went for a run and the idea kept making me more and more excited. I wanted to do it! πŸ”₯

I love challenges. Especially Coding challenges. Especially these crazy ones.

I also knew that people would love to see a crazy person (aka me) doing a crazy challenge like this one.

So I pretty much had everything I needed to get started.

10 hours to 'kill'. OBS for streaming. VSCode for coding. But I needed the projects. What should I build? πŸ€”

I just went live and silently started working on the Project Ideas. Most of them came from my app-ideas repository which I am very grateful for creating a year ago. It comes in handy whenever you need an idea for an app/project.

The people who were watching me had no idea yet of what I was about to do. I just kept gathering resources and writing them down in a README file.

Also had to look up some designs for the projects. I'm probably the worst designer I know so... I couldn't rely on those "skills" (if you can call them that, lol).

I used this amazing resource by my friend Ildi on UI Design Daily. Designs which you can use for any project you want, even commercial ones, without attribution. Pretty cool, eh? 😁

Once I had all 10 Projects written down I also wanted to make sure that they are not the same and that there is a little bit of diversity.

Here is the list of Projects I ended up coding:

  • Countdown Timer
  • Quiz App
  • Recipe App
  • Notes App
  • ToDo App
  • Movies App
  • GitHub Profiles
  • Drawing App
  • Password Generator
  • Weather App

The code is on GitHub and the projects are live here.

I had an audience on Twitter, Twitch and Discord which joined the stream to support me. Very supportive people (thank you! πŸ™).

And... the challenge started!

I went through those projects, one by one... and yes, I had some bathroom breaks. πŸ˜„
No, I didn't eat anything during the stream. I had a shake before so it was all good considering the adrenaline rush I got from the challenge. πŸ‘

The first two projects went ok, but then I spent a bit too much time on the Recipe app.

I added a favorite functionality for the meals which were stored in localStorage (don't ask me why) and it cost me almost 2 hours.

Had some extra time from the previous projects so at the end it was ok.

Probably the "biggest" challenge was the Drawing app because I had to use the canvas and I haven't worked with it in a while.

I solved that by doing some good ol' research and (re)learning it on the fly. 😁 I think people liked that part.

Debugging and research is a big part of our coding journey so... why hide it, right?

All in all, everything went great!

Lots of people joined during these 10+ hours. I remember that at one point we had over 100+ live viewers. Crazy! πŸ˜„

The day after the stream I also uploaded the video to my YouTube Channel and so far this has been the greatest, fastest growing video I did. Even the YouTube algorithm picked it up, which was amazing!

At the time I'm writing this the video has close to 40k views and over 4k people subscribed to my channel since I uploaded it! I'm very grateful for that!

People seem to enjoy these kind of challenges so... I'm going to try some more! 😁

Next up in line: 10 JavaScript Projects in 1 Hour. Mini-projects. 6 minute projects.

I'll keep you posted on how that goes!

Feel free to join on Twitch if you want to see the live action!

Thank you for reading! I hope you find it inspiring and that you'll also try this challenge one day and you'll have as much fun as I did!

Happy Coding! πŸ˜‡

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This is insane! πŸ”₯
I remember, when I saw that video in my subscription list, I was like, 10 hours? NO WAY!

I saw a part of your video and was astonished, how you were able to pull something like this. Goodluck for your journey ahead! ✨


Thank you very much! πŸ’œ


This is insane florin. I have watched part of the stream and I can confirm that you are really a great developer. Good luck and keep running!


Thank you buddy!! I really appreciate that coming from you!


Haven't watched it yet but this is incredible Florin πŸ”₯


Thank you Eddy! πŸ’œ


You're crazy! But we love it. Carry on producing awesome content. πŸ‘


Finally something good in 2020. Thanks for this.


Dude so glad to you posted about this! I'm really happy I was able to find your channel to raid during this event! Keep up the good work 🀘

(btw this is PixelogicDev :P)


mind blowing, Florin. Thank you so much for your efforts upon keep inspiring and helping other developers to be in better state than ever before. Much appreciated.


Awesome you are like a factory for creating javascript projects.


My pleasure ☺️ I’m glad you like it!




Florin, this is amazing 🌈 ! Thanks a lot πŸ‘!


My pleasure! I'm glad it helps! πŸ’œ


It is insane that you were able to actually do this! Huge accomplishment! Hope this helps many people out!


I also hope that too!

I'm sure that there are many, many people out there which are way skilled and more talented than I am. We just need to unleash their inner craziness! πŸ˜‚


I'm not sure about the 2nd one. But I've been called Crazy a couple of times so I can't negate that anymore! 😁

Thank you buddy!


You're seriously someone with an amazing focus. It's super human πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘




Awesome challenge! πŸš€ πŸ”₯

btw: I tried your password generator with 150000000 characters and immediately the fan started running :D


hello bro i like to all you challnges
i want ask you what is Gatsby ??