Plastic.vim - a dark colorscheme for vim/neovim with low contrast colors for long coding sessions

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Plastic (by Will Stone) is one of my favorite color schemes for Visual Studio Code.

Since I use neovim as my main editor, I decided to create a port for vim/neovim.

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VSCode Plastic theme port for vim/neovim.



VSCode Plastic theme port for vim/neovim.


  1. Using your plugin manager of choice and placing flrnprz/plastic.vim in your .vimrc file. or
  2. clone this directory into your vim/plugged directory
" important:
set termguicolors

set background=dark
syntax on
colorscheme plastic

" Lightline
let g:lightline = { 'colorscheme': 'plastic' }

It has the same design principle of simple syntax highlight. I hope you enjoy it!

Happy coding!

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Oh this is really nice, I might have to give it a try! Thanks for sharing!


Hey Florian. Thanks for the nod to Plastic. The port is looking great 😄


Hey Will, thank you for creating Plastic in the first place :D.


This colorscheme seems less contrast than monokai.
Consider using it now, Thank you for porting this to neovim :)


Thanks for sharing, Florian. I'm giving it a go. So far, so good!


Cool! If you find something off don't doubt to open an issue! thanks!


This is a lovely theme!

The syntax doesn't seem to highlighting headers in markdown (.md) for me (not distinguished from normal text), is that intentional or is my config off?


I just checked it and it seems working as intended. Can you open an issue in GitHub with more details?

Thanks, I'm glad you like it, but merit is from the original, this is only a mere port.

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