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Github/Git complexity

Explain to me Github and Git like i am five ,and thnx for ur time

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Brandin Chiu • Edited

Imagine you're writing your resume/CV.

You write your resume and think it's pretty good. So you upload it to Google Drive or OneDrive or iCloud to store it as a backup.

Then you share it with your friends and family so that they can give you tips on ways to improve it.

Your friends and family can each download a copy of your resume from the cloud and then make edits -- underline this, circle this other thing, maybe suggest you remove a couple of items from your "hobbies".

Then they push all of these changes back up to the cloud for you to review.

The changes you like can be pulled into your original copy, overwriting it with their suggestions as needed until you have what you think is the perfect copy of your resume.

In this example:

  • your resume is code
  • Google Drive/OneDrive/iCloud are online remote Git storage solutions like Github or Bitbucket
  • the copies of your resume being edited by your friends and family are git branches
  • the act of reviewing those changes and merging them into your original copy is a pull request / code review

Git is a command line tool. Github provides both online storage for your content in Git, as well as frontend tools for working with Git in a more friendly manner.

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sidanas22 • Edited

Hey! Watch the Github for Poets playlist by the YT channel The Coding Train. It explains things in a very approachable and simple way, gradually advancing to advanced concepts and enabling you to learn on your own from there onwards.

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John • Edited

Github is a place where you can save different versions of you code and you can access it and continue from anywhere or download it on another device for you or other people to work on.

Git is a tool that helps you do the above, whether it is on a server or Github or other similar services.

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Github is like Google Drive; for backup data 😀