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The Maker Show: Remote controlled Robot Arms with Raspberry Pi, .NET, Azure, Blazor and SignalR

Goran Vuksic
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The Maker Show is series of monthly one hour show for developers hosted by Sherry List and Goran Vuksic. On each episode we highlight tools and projects from the community that can inspire new creations and inventions.

Pete Gallagher is a Freelance IT Consultant, Microsoft Certified Trainer and Azure MVP, Pluralsight Author and owner of PJG Creations Ltd. He has been creating software for decades and is happy programming in just about any language. Pete has been involved in a wide span of tech in his many years of industry experience, including IoT Projects for; Royal Mail Stamp Vending before there was such a thing as modern IoT, Building Monitoring Systems, Internet Connected Self Service Kiosks and much more. He has presented all over the UK on a variety of IoT Topics, including Azure IoT Hubs, Amazon Alexa, Particle Photon, Arduino etc etc. Pete also organises Notts IoT, co-organises Dot Net Notts, Notts Dev Workshop and sits on the Board of LATi, a Loughborough based Advanced Technology networking group. He is also an active STEM Ambassador and is passionate about making STEM subjects accessible to all ages. Pete particularly likes gadgets of all kinds!
In this super interesting episode of Maker Show, Pete took us through everything needed in order to build a robot arm with a Raspberry Pi, .NET 5 a Blazor App and SignalR.

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Pete started by talking about .NET 5 and how easy it is to install .NET 5. Then we had a look through the various circuits and he spun up a console application to explore how we can control the GPIO on the Pi. We have seen how the Servos are wired up and how to get the code in place to start moving our Raspberry pi based Robot Arm. Finally we saw a simple Blazor and SignalR app that controls the robot remotely! This talk appeals to all knowledge levels and anyone interested in getting into STEM, Electronics and Robotics.

Feel free to check out recording of the show:

Presentation from the session can be found on SlideShare.

Code repository is on the GitHub.

Check this post to discover how to Connect Raspberry Pi online simulator to Azure IoT Hub (Node.js)

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